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William ECHOLS (1702-1771)

The third son of old English John Echols was named William. I don't know who he married [Sarah TURNER]. He had several sons and daughters. His sons were John and William.
William ECHOLS
Birth 1702 in King and Queen County, Virginia
Death 1771 in Halifax County, Virginia

Birth 1700 in Virginia
Death Feb 1778 in Halifax County, Virginia, USA

  • Orpha ECHOLS (????-????) m. Richard ANDERSON
  • John ECHOLS (1720-1795) m. Mary Unknown
  • Abner ECHOLS (1722-1771) m. Unknown
  • Judith ECHOLS (1724-1771) m. Richard KIRBY
  • William ECHOLS II (1729-1794) m. Rebecca Rachel SPRADLIN; m. Susannah Elizabeth SNEED
  • Hannah ECHOLS (1730-????) m. Capt Vardry McBEE
  • Mary Frances ECHOLS (1731-1793) m. William M WYNNE Jr
  • Ann ECHOLS (1733-????) m. Daniel WILLIAMS
  • Ruth ECHOLS (1735-1813) m. Moses HENDRICK

John was one of the largest men ever raised in Virginia. He was a Quaker preacher. That's all I know of him or his family as I never saw him but once.
John Echols, son of William Echols and Sarah Turner served during the  French and Indian War in Captain Robert Wade's Company. John kept a journal of the exploits of Capt. Robert Wade’s Company of the Halifax County Militia.
Journal of John Echols, Cpt. Robert Wade's Co.
French and Indian War - Summer 1758
Capt. Robert Wade march’t from Mayo Fort with 35 men in order to take a range to the New River in search of our enemy Indians. We marcht about three miles that day to a Plantation where Peter Rentfro formerly lived and took up camp. Next morning we marcht along to a place called Gobling Town where we Eat our Brakefast, and so continued our march and took up our camp that night at the foot of the Blew Ledge [Blue Ridge Mountains].
Next Day we crossed the Blew Ledge and marched to Francis Eason’s Plantation and continued there that night. Our hunters brought in a plentiful supply of venison. Next morning begin Tuesday the 15th we marcht down to Richard Ratcliff’s plantation on Meadow Creek where we continued that night. Next morning sent out Spyes and hunters to Spy for enemy signs and to hunt for provisions.
Echols told how they spent several days there, and then one day five Indians came very unexpectedly upon them. He said the Indians “stood in amaise and Reason they had, for I suppose there were twenty guns presented at them. They said they were Cherokees. I made sign to them to shew me their Pass But they had none. They had with them five head of horse and Skelps that appeared to be whitemen. Four of the horses appeared as tho’ they had been recently taken, the other was very poor."
There was a hunter with them named Abraham Dunkleberry who said the Indians were Cherokees, but that they evidently were rogues. The Captain was doubtful of what he should do, but finally allowed the Indians to depart, which greatly displeased the men who said there was no use in ranging if the enemy were to be allowed to go after catching them. So after the hunter Dunkleberry had packed up his skins and gone the Captain appointed twelve men to go after the Indians, and overtaking them in an Orchard they killed four and wounded the other. Then finding so many Indian signs about and their ammunition running low, the decided to return.
On Tuesday the 22nd they ate dinner on Blackwater Creek and spent the night on Robert Jones’s plantation at the head of Pigg River. The following day “myself and four more left the company and went across by Gobling Town and came to Mayo Fort that night. The Captain and the rest of the men tells us they came to Hickey’s Fort that night and the next day to Mayo Fort. I remember no more worth making a Remark of, so courteous reader, I Rem...
Yrs. Res.
John Echols
Copied from:
William was also a very large man, married a widow Spradlin [Susanna Elizabeth SNEED] [he was first married to Rebecca Rachel SPRADLIN]. By her had three sons and four daughters. His sons were Joel, Elcanah [Capt Elkanah ECHOLS], and William. Joel and Elcanah moved to Tennessee. Settled on Cumberland River near Caro. I was once at Elcanah's house after his death. He had a large family. I know the names of none of them only his youngest son named Richard [Richard A ECHOLS]. They are a very wealthy family. Joel I think they told me had no child. William, the third son, married a girl by the name of Elizabeth Farmer [Mary Elizabeth FARMER] - a schoolmate of mine in Virginia [also married Sarah HAILEY]. He moved to Alabama, settled in Madison County near Huntsville and was a very great wholesale merchant in that town. I know but very little of his family. He had a daughter [Susannah ECHOLS] married Richard Holden also a wholesale merchant in Huntsville and also had two sons who moved to Mississippi. One of them was killed by a man and the other wrote to me about it. I think the one that wrote was by the name of Larkin. The one that was killed I think was by the name of Joseph [see below for details]. That's all that I know of that family.
Birth 1729 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Death 16 Feb 1794 in Bedford County, Virginia, USA

Rebecca Rachel SPRADLIN
Birth 1730 in Halifax County, Virginia
Death 1820 in Halifax County, Virginia, USA

William married Rebecca Rachel SPRADLIN abt. 1750 in Halifax County, Virginia and had the following children:
  • Joel ECHOLS (1752-????) m. Susannah WEIR
  • Hannah ECHOLS (1754-1786)
  • Capt Elkanah ECHOLS (1756-1805) m. Elizabeth ANDERSON
  • Moses ECHOLS (1758-????)
  • John ECHOLS (1760-????) m. Judith COMPTON
  • Larkin ECHOLS (1762-????) m. Mary SPRADLING
  • Betty ECHOLS (1764-1860)
  • Judith ECHOLS (1765-????) m. Unknown EVANS
  • Sarah ECHOLS (1767-????) m. George BROWN
  • Ruth ECHOLS (1768-1860) m. Edwin BROWN
  • William ECHOLS III (1769-1858) m. Mary Elizabeth FARMER; m. Sarah HAILEY
Susannah Elizabeth SNEED
Birth 1737 in Amelia County, Virginia
Death in Halifax, Halifax, Virginia, USA

William married Susannah Elizabeth SNEED abt. 1768 in Amelia County, Virginia; no known children from this union.
NOTE: Something has always confused me about the accepted genealogy of William II, son of William & Sarah TURNER Echols. In Milner's history he states "William was also a very large man, married a widow Spradlin. By her had three sons and four daughters. His sons were Joel, Elcanah, and William." All the research I've found has all of William's children with the mother Rebecca Rachel SPRADLIN which by my research was never married before marring William. Susannah Elizabeth SNEED however, was married prior to her union with William to Joseph Edgar SPRADLING meaning she should be the mother to these children if we are to believe the memory of Milner. 

If my dates are correct then William was 21, Rachael 20, in 1750 when they married. Susannah was 19, Joseph 21, in 1756 when they were married. Susannah was 31, William 39, in 1768 when they were married.
Susannah ECHOLS Holding: Echols Cemetery, Meridianville, Madison, Alabama, USA
Richard HOLDING: Madison Cemetery, Madison, Madison, Alabama, USA

William M WYNNE Jr:
Wynne-Peery Cemetery, Tazewell, Tazewell, Virginia, USA
: Echols Cemetery, Marshall County, Mississippi, USA
Halifax County - Will Book O p.310
WILL OF WILLIAM ECHOLS - Dated: 8 Apr 1771; Prob: 16 May 1771
Lend to Sarah Echols [Sarah TURNER], my wife, the land I now live on plus my corn mill & all my moveable estate, and at her death to be divided among all my children now living and Abner Echols and Sarah Echols, my grandchildren.
To grandson Joseph Kirby, son of my dau Judith, dec'd. -
To Abner Echols - tract in Pittsylvania Co. whereon Richard Brown now lives - 400 A [acres].
To Sarah Echols, my granddau land in Halifax Co. on the north side of Banister River which I purchased of Robert Wood.
Execs: John & William, my sons, and Moses Hendrick [husband of Ruth ECHOLS], son-in-law.
Wit: George Brown [husband of Sarah ECHOLS], George Combs (minor) Winn. Signed: Wm Echols.

$1,000 Reward - Who killed Joseph Echols

2 July 1847 - $1,000 Reward will be given to anyone who will apprehend & deliver to the Sheriff of Marshall Co., Miss. at Holly Springs, Wm M. Sledge, who on the 10th inst. killed Joseph Echols at Chulahoma, Miss. --- An additional reward of Three Hundred Dollars, at least, will be offered by the Governor of this State --; if not, we will pay it ourselves.

William Echols, Larkin Echols.
(Chulahoma to Holly Springs Gazette, 14 Jun 1847)
William ECHOLS was born 1702 in Virginia, and died between 8 April and 16 May 1771 in Halifax County, Virginia.
He married Sarah TURNER. She died February 1778 in Halifax County, Virginia.
Children of William ECHOLS and Sarah TURNER are:
William ECHOLS
Ruth ECHOLS, b. 26 Oct 1735; d. 22 Nov 1813; m. Moses Hendrick
HANNAH ECHOLS, d. South Carolina; m. Vardry McBee; b. 23 Dec 1734, d. 1905

Added 2013 by Terry Dean Echols:

Female ECHOLS: b. Unknown; m. Richard ANDERSON

Male ECHOLS: b. Unknown; m. Unknown (2 grandchildren listed in William's will - Abner Echols & Sarah Echols are his)
John ECHOLS: b. 1720 in Virginia; m. Mary Unknown
Judith ECHOLS: b. 1724 in Prince George County, Virginia; m. Richard KIRBY
William ECHOLS II b. 1729 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; d. 16 Feb 1794 in Bedford County, Virginia, USA; m. Rebecca Rachel SPRADLIN abt. 1750 in Halifax County, Virginia; m. Susannah Elizabeth SNEED abt. 1768 in Amelia County, Virginia
Hannah ECHOLS: b. 1730 in Prince George County, Virginia; d. in Laurens, Laurens, South Carolina, USA; m. Capt Vardry McBEE Dec 1758 in Dinwiddle County, Virginia
Mary Frances ECHOLS: b. 1731 in Virginia; d. 1793 in Laurens, Laurens, South Carolina, USA; m. William M WYNNE Jr
Ann(?) ECHOLS: b. 1733 in Virginia, USA; d. in Laurens County, South Carolina, USA; m. Daniel WILLIAMS
Ruth ECHOLS: b. 26 Oct 1735 in Prince George County, Virginia; d. 22 Nov 1813 in Leesburg, Highland, Ohio, USA; m. Moses HENDRICK

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