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Sarah Hubbard ECHOLS (1733-1817)

Old Abraham had another daughter named Sarah [Sarah Hubbard ECHOLS] who married John Rowden and by her had 4 sons and one daughter. His sons were Abraham, Laban, Josee, and John. Abraham [Abraham Echols ROWDEN] married a woman named Chick [Rachel CHEEK], moved to Tennessee. I know nothing of his family. Laban married Milly Adams [Milly ADAMS] raised a large family. I know nothing of them only two of his sons to wit, Hubert [Hubbard Allen ROWDEN] and Lot [Lott ROWDEN], who live in Gwinett [Gwinnett] County, Ga. Josee [Joseph ROWDEN] married Susannah Adams [Susannah ADAMS], moved to Tennessee, of his family I know nothing. John married Milly Brewer [Millicent Mary REEVES], a widow, the daughter of old Jeremiah Reeves [Jeremiah REEVES Sr] sister to Rev. Malachi Reeves [Rev Richard Malachi REEVES] and Rev. Jeremiah Reeves [Rev Jeremiah REEVES Jr]. He also moved to Tennessee and was drowned in the Tennessee River. Of his family I know nothing. Old John Rowden's daughter was Tabitha. She married Glover Crain [Glover CRAIN], had several children by her and then died. He had one son named Joseph Crane who married a Miss Hood. They had several children, one son named John Glover Crane who was a wholesale merchant in Charleston, S.C. Joshua Crane had a daughter married a Mr. Whitman, a Baptist preacher and a teacher in the Penfield Academy, Green [Greene] County, Georgia.
Sarah Hubbard ECHOLS
Birth 1733 in Lunenburg County, Virginia
Death 1817 in Wilkes County, Georgia, USA

There are two families laying claim to Sarah as a husband to one of their ancestors. In his will Abraham ECHOLS mentions his daughter Sarah, but uses the last name of Echols, wife Sarah and brother-in-law Benjamin Hubbard.

In Milner's history we are presented with: "Old Abraham had another daughter named Sarah who married John Rowden and by her had 4 sons and one daughter. His sons were Abraham, Laban, Josee, and John." Nowhere are we told that Sarah was married twice. The two families that are laying claim to Sarah are as follows:

Marriage to John ROWDEN abt, 1749 at the age of 16 in Virginia with the following children:
Birth 1730 in Henry County, Virginia

Death 23 Mar 1816 in Roane County, Tennessee, USA
  • Abraham Echols ROWDEN (1750-1822)
  • John ROWDEN (1758-1824)
  • Joseph ROWDEN (1765-1816)
  • Laban ROWDEN (1766-1850)
  • Tabitha ROWDEN (1767-????)
  • Hubbard ROWDEN (1769-????)
  • Lott ROWDEN (1771-????)
  • Jensey Adams ROWDEN (1775-1816)
Cornelius SHORT Jr
Birth 4 Aug 1732 in Henrico County, Virginia
Death 1762 in Halifax, Halifax, Virginia
  • Joel SHORT (1750-1816)
  • Joshua SHORT (1752-1841)
  • Cornelius SHORT III (1760-1796)

The children attributed to Cornelius, a few listed above, is in conflict with the dates of the Rowden children, expecially the date for their first child, ABRAHAM ECHOLS ROWDEN b. 1750 and Joel SHORT also born in 1750. For Cornelius I find no "first" marriage record nor can I find marriage records for Sarah Hubbard ECHOLS to either spouse.

Elizabeth ECHOLS b. 1743 in Lunenburg County, Virginia and d. 1796 in St Clair County, Illinois, USA (daughter of Abraham ECHOLS & Sarah HUBBARD) did marry into the Short family (John SHORT) who is the S/O Cornelius SHORT Sr & Elizabeth Griffith TYNES. These are indeed connected families to the Echols line but it is confusing.

Help solve this conundrum and contact me if you have any information. I'd love to get hold of documents that prove or disprove this riddle.

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