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Joshua ECHOLS (1747-1834)

Joshua [son of Abraham, old John's 2nd son] married Hannah Brown [Margaret Hannah BROWN], had a number of children of whom I know but little. He had one son Darius [Darius Jasper ECHOLS], a conspicuous man in Habersham County, Georgia. The rest of his family lives chiefly in the upper part of Georgia. [Joshua also married Mary GRAY].
Birth 2 Apr 1747 in Caroline County, Virginia
Death 18 Aug 1834 in Fanning Place, Madison, Georgia, USA

Margaret Hannah BROWN
Birth 1751 in Prince George County, Virginia
Death 1820 in Virginia, USA
Joshua married Margaret Hannah BROWN on 19 Mar 1778 in Caroline County, Virginia, USA and had the following children:
  • John ECHOLS (1778-1835)
  • Darius Jasper ECHOLS (1779-1866)
  • Obadiah ECHOLS (1782-1805)
  • James ECHOLS (1785-1842)
  • Wiley Joshua ECHOLS (1786-1843)
  • Richard Brown ECHOLS (1788-????)
Birth 1768 in Prince George County, Virginia
Death Aug 1834 in Fanning Place, Madison, Georgia, USA
Joshua married Mary GRAY abt. 1789 in Pendleton District, South Carolina, USA and had the following children:
  • Joseph ECHOLS (1789-????)
  • Douglas ECHOLS (1790-????)
  • Abraham ECHOLS (1791-1865) m. Mary Ann HAYS
    Abram Echols, Mary Hays 8-23-1821
    COMP. BY FRANCES WYND: Early Marriages, pg. 8
  • Elizabeth ECHOLS (1792-????)
  • Robert B ECHOLS (1794-1861)
  • Elijah V ECHOLS (1794-1827) [More research needed]
  • Mary ECHOLS (1795-????)
  • Polly ECHOLS (1796-????)
  • Nancy ECHOLS (1798-????)
  • Lucinda ECHOLS (1800-????)
  • Caroline ECHOLS (1802-????)
  • Sterling ECHOLS (1804-1872)
Will - Abraham ECHOLS
ECHOLS Abraham
LUNENBURG COUNTY Deed Book 1, Page 489
NAMES: Wife - Sarah Echols
Bequest to wife - chattels and plantation where he lives for her natural life.
Son - Eldest son Isaac Echols to get plantation at death of wife Sarah Echols,
Son - Youngest son Joshua Echols given land next to plantation given to wife.
Son - Joseph Echols land on Stinking Piver.
Daughter - Sarah Echols (one-half of) land on Staunton River against the Long Island.
Daughter - Rebekah Echols (one-half of) land on Staunton River against the Long Island.
Daughter - Elizabeth Echols my entry for land on Stinking River.
Brother - Joseph Echols land and mill on Childreys Creek.
Brother-in-law - Benjamin Hubbard, my wife's WILD brother my land on Bentleys Fork of Childrays Creek.
Brother-in-law - Mentions Edward Hubbard my wife's brother.
Executors: Wife Sarah Echols, Joseph Echols and Richard Echols.

Witnesses: Joseph Collins /s/ Abraham (X) Echols
George (X) Marshbank
Will dated 2 April 1749 Recorded 3 Oct. 1749
"Echols Notes, Vol.1", by Rebecca Echols Terry, 1977. p.63
Lunenberg County - Will Book 1, p.489

WILL OF ABRAHAM ECHOLS - Dated 2 Apr 1749; Prob: 3 Oct 1749
"Being very sick & weak in Body To Sarah Echols, my wife, all my Household Stuff, ready money --together with other movables during the Term of her Life. My Plantation & Houses & Tract of Land on which they stand, I lend to Sarah my sd wife also during her Life and Give & Bequeath the same to Isaac Echols my eldest son to him & his heirs forever.
The Land adj. the aforesaid Tract being held by me by Bond I give to Joshua Echols my youngest son & to his heirs.

My Land on Stinking River I give to Joseph Echols, my son.
My Land on Stanton River against the Long Island to my two daus Sarah Echols & Rebekah Echols.
My Land on Childrey's Creek to Joseph Echols, my brother.
Land on same creek at Bentley's Fork to Benjamin Hubbard, my wife's brother.
Land above that -- to Edward Hubbard, my wife's brother.
Execs: Joseph Echols, Richard Echols & Sarah Echols, my wife.
Wit: Joseph Collins, George Marchbanks.
Signed: Abraham (X) Echols.

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