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Abraham ECHOLS (1700-1749)

Abraham was old John's 2nd son, married the widow Sarah Tamer [Sarah HUBBARD] and by her had two sons and several daughters.
Abraham ECHOLS
Birth 1700 in Lee County, Virginia
Death 3 Oct 1749 in Lunenburg County, Virginia

Birth 1700 in Lee County, Virginia
Death  in Virginia

Abraham married Sarah HUBBARD abt, 1730 in New Kent County, Virginia and had the following children:
  • Martha Rebecca ECHOLS (1729-????) m. James Calvin HODGES; m. John TRIBBLE
  • Isaac ECHOLS (1731-1761) m. Mary SHORT
  • Sarah Hubbard ECHOLS (1733-1817) m. John ROWDEN; possibly m. Cornelius SHORT Jr (more research needed)
  • Joseph ECHOLS Sr (1735-1789) m. Elizabeth KING; m. Elizabeth STREET
  • Elizabeth ECHOLS (1743-1796) m. John SHORT (brother to Cornelius SHORT Jr and 1/2 brother of Mary SHORT)
  • Joshua ECHOLS (1747-1834) m. Margaret Hannah BROWN; m. Mary GRAY
His sons were Joseph and Joshua. Joseph married a Miss King, and by her had 2 sons and 5 or 6 daughters. His sons were Abraham and Jeremiah who left Virginia in time of the Revolutionary War and went to Pennsylvania. Of their offspring I know nothing.
Joseph ECHOLS Sr
Birth 20 Feb 1735 in Prince George County, Virginia
Death 20 Dec 1789 in Halifax County, Virginia, USA

Elizabeth KING
Birth 20 Nov 1742 in Virginia
Death 30 Mar 1789 in Halifax County, Virginia

Joseph married Elizabeth KING bef. 1756 in Halifax County, Virginia and had the following children:

  • Jeremiah ECHOLS (1756-1798) m. Elizabeth DILLON
  • Abraham ECHOLS (1759-1855) m. Sarah STROOP 23 May 1791 in Ohio County, West Virginia
  • John ECHOLS (1760-1798)
  • Rebecca ECHOLS (1761-????)
  • Drusilla ECHOLS (1763-????)
  • Judith ECHOLS (1765-1794) m. Benjamin GOSNELL 24 Mar 1788 in Halifax County, Virginia
  • Sarah ECHOLS (1767-????)
Elizabeth STREET
Birth 1752 in Van Buren, Crawford, Arkansas
Death 30 Mar 1789 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA
Joseph married Elizabeth STREET abt 1772 in Virginia and had the following children:
  • Mary ECHOLS (1774-1833) m. Bailey STREET 13 Dec 1802 in Halifax County, Virginia
  • David ECHOLS (1776-1854) m. Diana TRIBBLE 29 May 180 in Halifax County, Virginia; m. Nancy DICKSON 20 Dec 1850 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
  • Tabitha ECHOLS (1777-1852) m. Elijah LACY 12 Jan 1802 in Halifax County, Virginia
  • Moses ECHOLS (1780-????) m. Elizabeth HICKS 90Feb 1807 in Campbell County, Virginia
  • Obadiah ECHOLS (1782-????) m. Nanny FRANKLIN 7 Sep 1805 in Halifax County, Virginia
  • Rhoda ECHOLS (1786-1822) m. Paul STREET 20 Jan 1806 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
  • Joseph ECHOLS Jr (1789-1824) m. Elizabeth "Eliza" Frances LAMBETH 6 Jun 1814 in Campbell County, Virginia
Joseph ECHOLS Jr: Green Hill Cemetery; Union, Monroe, West Virginia, USA
Elizabeth "Eliza" Frances LAMBETH: Green Hill Cemetery; Union, Monroe, West Virginia, USA
Harriet ECHOLS Caperton: Green Hill Cemetery; Union, Monroe, West Virginia, USA
Allen Taylor CAPERTON: Green Hill Cemetery; Union, Monroe, West Virginia, USA
Capt Edward ECHOLS: Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Glasgow, Rockbridge, Virginia, USA
Susan Hobson BURKS Echols: Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Glasgow, Rockbridge, Virginia, USA
Maj Robert Joseph ECHOLS: Presbyterian Cemetery; Lynchburg, Lynchburg City, Virginia, USA
Elizabeth Johnston McCHESNEY Echols: New Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Raphine, Rockbridge, Virginia, USA
Gen John W ECHOLS: Thornrose Cemetery; Staunton, Augusta, Virginia, USA
Mary Jane CAPERTON Echols: Thornrose Cemetery; Staunton, Augusta, Virginia, USA
Mary Helen COCHRAN Reid Echols: Elmwood Cemetery; Norfolk, Norfolk City, Virginia, USA
Joshua married Hannah Brown [Margaret Hannah BROWN], had a number of children of whom I know but little. He had one son Darius [Darius Jasper ECHOLS], a conspicuous man in Habersham County, Georgia. The rest of his family lives chiefly in the upper part of Georgia.
Birth 2 Apr 1747 in Caroline County, Virginia
Death 18 Aug 1834 in Fanning Place, Madison, Georgia, USA

Margaret Hannah BROWN
Birth 1751 in Prince George County, Virginia
Death 1820 in Virginia, USA

Joshua married  Margaret Hannah BROWN on 19 Mar 1778 in Caroline County, Virginia, USA and had the following children:
  • John ECHOLS (1778-1835)
  • Darius Jasper ECHOLS (1779-1866) m.
    Sarah Elizabeth BROWN abt. 1802 in Pendleton District, South Carolina; m. Tabitha S WHITWORTH abt. 1810 in prob. Georgia; m. Hannah THOMAS 15 Jan 1863 in Habersham County, Georgia
  • Obadiah ECHOLS (1782-1805)
  • James ECHOLS (1785-1842) m. Rebecca BURTON 3 Jan 1800 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia
  • Wiley Joshua ECHOLS (1786-1843) m. Nancy Melinda BROWN 27 May 1814 in Pendleton District, South Carolina
  • Richard Brown ECHOLS (1788-????)
Joshua married Mary GRAY abt. 1789 in Pendleton District, South Carolina, USA and had the following children:
Birth 1768 in Prince George County, Virginia
Death Aug 1834 in Fanning Place, Madison, Georgia, USA
  • Joseph ECHOLS (1789-????)
  • Douglas ECHOLS (1790-????) m. Angeline IVEY 12 May 1839 in Walton County, Georgia
  • Abraham ECHOLS (1791-1865) m. Mary Ann HAYS 23 Aug 1821 in Franklin County, Georgia
  • Elizabeth ECHOLS (1792-????) m. Fleming BATES
  • Robert B ECHOLS (1794-1861) m. Eliza Griffin PAXSON 1821 in Morgan County, Georgia
  • Elijah V ECHOLS (1794-1827) [More research needed]
  • Mary ECHOLS (1795-????)
  • Polly ECHOLS (1796-????) m. Unknown HUBBARD
  • Nancy ECHOLS (1798-????)
  • Lucinda ECHOLS (1800-????)
  • Caroline ECHOLS (1802-????)
  • Sterling ECHOLS (1804-1872) m. Susan F HERRING 23 Aug 1838 in Walton County, Georgia
    • HERREN OR HERRING - GA Mgr. record shows HERREN; International Mgr. record shows HERRING.
    • ECHOLS or ECKLES - Sterling's headstone shows the seplling ECKLES.
Will - Abraham ECHOLS
ECHOLS Abraham
LUNENBURG COUNTY Deed Book 1, Page 489
NAMES: Wife - Sarah Echols
Bequest to wife - chattels and plantation where he lives for her natural life.
Son - Eldest son Isaac Echols to get plantation at death of wife Sarah Echols,
Son - Youngest son Joshua Echols given land next to plantation given to wife.
Son - Joseph Echols land on Stinking River.
Daughter - Sarah Echols (one-half of) land on Staunton River against the Long Island.
Daughter - Rebekah Echols (one-half of) land on Staunton River against the Long Island.
Daughter - Elizabeth Echols my entry for land on Stinking River.
Brother - Joseph Echols land and mill on Childreys Creek.
Brother-in-law - Benjamin Hubbard, my wife's WILD brother my land on Bentleys Fork of Childrays Creek.
Brother-in-law - Mentions Edward Hubbard my wife's brother.
Executors: Wife Sarah Echols, Joseph Echols and Richard Echols.

Witnesses: Joseph Collins /s/ Abraham (X) Echols
George (X) Marshbank
Will dated 2 April 1749 Recorded 3 Oct. 1749
"Echols Notes, Vol.1", by Rebecca Echols Terry, 1977. p.63
Lunenberg County - Will Book 1, p.489

WILL OF ABRAHAM ECHOLS - Dated 2 Apr 1749; Prob: 3 Oct 1749
"Being very sick & weak in Body To Sarah Echols, my wife, all my Household Stuff, ready money --together with other movables during the Term of her Life. My Plantation & Houses & Tract of Land on which they stand, I lend to Sarah my sd wife also during her Life and Give & Bequeath the same to Isaac Echols my eldest son to him & his heirs forever.
The Land adj. the aforesaid Tract being held by me by Bond I give to Joshua Echols my youngest son & to his heirs.

My Land on Stinking River I give to Joseph Echols, my son.
My Land on Stanton River against the Long Island to my two daus Sarah Echols & Rebekah Echols.
My Land on Childrey's Creek to Joseph Echols, my brother.
Land on same creek at Bentley's Fork to Benjamin Hubbard, my wife's brother.
Land above that -- to Edward Hubbard, my wife's brother.
Execs: Joseph Echols, Richard Echols & Sarah Echols, my wife.
Wit: Joseph Collins, George Marchbanks.
Signed: Abraham (X) Echols.

(Bk 1, p.247) 20 Nov 1741 - Abraham Eckhols to George Ham for £20 - 400 A. between branches of bent Run & branches of Flat Creek known by name ofCurk Wodding.
(No witnesses) Signed: Abraham Eckhols.

Sarah, wife of Abraham, relinquished her dower.

(Bk 1, p.316) 17 June 1743 - Nicholas Guillentine to his son John Guillentine, for love & affection, 397 A. on upper side of Flat Creek called the Great Bent, being part of a Grant, 28 Dec 1736, and adj. Abraham Eckhols’ line. Land to go to John after the death of Nicholas.

(Bk 2, p.45) 15 Jan 1744 - Abraham Echolls of Parish of Raleigh in Amelia Co. to David Crenshaw of St. Martin’s Parish, Hanover Co. for 5 shillings - 400 A. on S.. side of Appomatox River, for one year, he paying unto Abraham Echolls, or his heirs, one grain of Indian Corn, only if the same should be demanded.
Wit: John (X) White, Catherine (X) Eckhols, Richd Eckhols.

(Bk 2, p.101) 16 Jan 1744 - Abraham Echolls to David Crenshaw for £95 - 400 A. on S. side of Appomatox River, already leased to him for one year.
Wit: (Same as above)
Sarah, wife of sd Abraham Echolls, relinquished her dower..

(Bk 2, p.193) 27 Oct 1746 - Richard Eckhols, Planter, to Samuel Bentley, Planter, for £40 - 296 A. on Prints (?) Creek adj. Wm Gates, Wm Fuqua, Joseph Eckhols, and Abraham Eckhols as by Patent granted to Wm Austin and purchased by Richard Eckhols.
Wit: James Bentley, Robt (X) Hudgins. John (x) Drinkwater.

(Bk 2, p.399) 21 Nov 1746 - Anne & George Marchbanks of Amelia Co. to Andrew Lester of James City Co. for £125, land beginning at Abram Eckhols' corner on Appomatox River.
Wit: Richd Eckhols, Samuel Bentley, James Bentley.

(Deed Bk 1, p.206 ) 6 July 1747 Lawrence Barker to Abraham Eckholes of Lunenburg Co. for £35 - 174 A. on S. side of Staunton River. granted to Barker by Patent.

Abraham - p.109 - 9 Feb 1747 361 A. on Staunton River.

(Bk 5, p.82) 20 May 1764 John Tribble & wf Rebecca to Joseph Echols, Jr. for £4 - 190½ A., part of 381 A. granted to Abraham Eckhols, dec’d, 20 Aug 1760 & left by legacy, the whole to be divided as they should agree, to his two daughters, Sarah, the wf of John Rowden, and Rebecca, the above said John Tribble’s wife, which is peacibly agreed on that Rebecca & John have the South end.
In a ten year lease, dated 9 Nov 1762 and recorded 17 Feb 1763 in Halifax County, Isaac TYN [TYNES] (and his wife Sarah [HUBBARD Tamer Echols]) and Joseph HANCOCK (and his wife Mary [SHORT Echols]) rent property to Peter BAYS. This land is described, in part, as "formerly belonging to Abraham ECHOLS" and is adjacent to a tract of land belonging to the orphans of Isaac ECHOLS.

The acreage in question was willed by Abraham ECHOLS to his wife Sarah (HUBBARD Tamer) on his death in 1749. Upon Sarah's demise the land was to pass to their son Isaac ECHOLS or his heirs.

Isaac ECHOLS (1731-1761) was the husband of  Mary SHORT (1740 - ?),  a daughter of Cornelius SHORT and his second wife Hannah HESTERLY. On the death of her husband Mary [SHORT] Echols was wed to Joseph HANCOCK.

An analysis of the documents in question leads me to believe that Isaac TYNES was married to Abraham ECHOLS widow Sarah. Peter BAYS, apparently a savvy tenant, chose to have both heirs (Sarah [HUBBARD Tamer Echols] Tynes, the heir of Abraham ECHOLS, and Mary [SHORT Echols] Hancock, the heir to Isaac ECHOLS) sign the lease to protect his ten year claim to the property.
Would be interested in corresponding with anyone who can shed further light on the tangled relationships between the SHORT, TYNES, ECHOLS and HANCOCK families.


  1. Trying to find the parents of Sarah Hubbard, Benjamin Hubbard and Edward Hubbard. Sarah was the wife of Abraham Echols. Edward Hubbard purchased 400 acres on both sides of Straightstone
    Creek in Lunenburg)now Pitsylvania)County in 1751 and secured patent to 290 acres on Little and Great Straightstone creeks next to Isaac Echols in 1760. I was given that quote with no source. I am a genealogist since 1969. I am working on the Hubbard line. Every clue helps somebody so I thought I would include that quote.Any clues to Sarah's parents.

  2. I have the following as her parents:

    Benjamin HUBBARD
    Birth 1680 • Williamsburg, James, Virginia, USA
    Death 1717 • Halifax, Halifax, Virginia, USA

    Sarah CLARK
    Birth 1680 • King William County, Virginia, USA
    Death 1780 • King William County, Virginia, USA

    Sarah CLARKs parents are:

    Micajah CLARK
    Birth 1659 • Hampshire, England
    Death 1706 • Virginia, USA

    Sallie Ann MOORMAN
    Birth 1662 • Hampshire, England
    Death 1710 • Virginia, USA

    Hope that helps. If you find anything else or different I'd love to know.

    Terry Echols


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