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Joseph ECHOLS Sr (1735-1789)

His [Abraham, old John's 2nd son] sons were Joseph and Joshua. Joseph married a Miss King [Elizabeth KING], and by her had 2 sons and 5 or 6 daughters [also married Elizabeth STREET].
Joseph ECHOLS Sr
Birth 20 Feb 1735 in Prince George County, Virginia
Death 20 Dec 1789 in Halifax County, Virginia, USA

Elizabeth KING
Birth 20 Nov 1742 in Virginia
Death Unknown in Halifax County, Virginia, USA  

Joseph married Elizabeth KING bef. 1756 in Halifax County, Virginia and had the following children:
  • Jeremiah ECHOLS (1756-1798) m. Elizabeth DILLON
  • Abraham T ECHOLS (1759-1855) m. Sarah STROOP
  • John ECHOLS (1760-1798)
  • Rebecca ECHOLS (1761-????)
  • Drusilla ECHOLS (1763-????)
  • Judith ECHOLS (1765-1788) m. Benjamin GOSNELL
  • Sarah ECHOLS (1767-????)
Elizabeth STREET
Birth 1752 in Virginia
Death 30 Mar 1789 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA

Joseph married Elizabeth STREET abt. 1772 in Virginia and had the following children:
  • Mary ECHOLS (1774-1833) m. Bailey STREET
  • David ECHOLS (1776-1854) m. Diana TRIBBLE; m. Nancy DICKSON
  • Tabitha ECHOLS (1777-1852) m. Elijah LACY
  • Moses ECHOLS (1780-????) m. Elizabeth HICKS
  • Obediah ECHOLS (1782-????) m. Nanny FRANKLIN
  • Rhoda ECHOLS (1786-1822) m. Paul STREET
  • Joseph ECHOLS Jr (1789-1824) m. Elizabeth Frances LAMBETH
His sons were Abraham and Jeremiah who left Virginia in time of the Revolutionary War and went to Pennsylvania. Of their offspring I know nothing. 
Jeremiah ECHOLS
Birth 1756 in Halifax County, Virginia
Death 1798 in Virginia, USA

Elizabeth DILLON
Birth 5 Mar 1765 in Cumberland County, Virginia
Death 12 Dec 1802 in Campbell County, Virginia, USA

Jeremiah married Elizabeth DILLON unknown date, unknown place and had the following children:
  • John ECHOLS (1789-????)
Bio - Joseph Echols (1735-1789)
Joseph Echols (1735-1789) married first Elizabeth King and second in 1772, Elizabeth Street. On 20 September 1751 Joseph and Isaac Echols obtained individual patents to land on Straightstone Creek in Lunenburg County. We presume this was this Joseph Echols and his brother. Joseph's patent was for 400 acres. We speculate that he was the same Joseph Echols who had a patent for 272 acres in Lunenburg County on both sides of Sandy Creek in 1756. A cousin and uncle of the same name were in the area. As Joseph Echols Jr., he had a patent for a 13-acre island in the Staunton River 29 November 1756. In 1785 the plantation upon which Joseph lived had nine cabins, including a 640-square foot dwelling and a mill. Ten whites were then in his family. Joseph was dead by 1792, intestate, and the court granted Obediah Echols administration. A chancery suit and the division of land of Joseph Echols in 1794 reveals the names of his surviving 12 children.
  1. Obediah Echols m. Nanny FRANKLIN on 7 Sep 1805 in Halifax County, Virginia.
  2. Sarah Echols
  3. John Echols
  4. Rhoda Echols m. Paul STREET on 20 Jan 1806 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, s/o David STREET & Letitia BAILEY
  5. Drusilla Echols
  6. Mary Echols m. Bailey STREET on 13 Dec 1802 in Halifax County, Virginia, brother of Paul STREET.
  7. Joseph Echols m. Elizabeth Frances LAMBETH, D/O Meredith LAMBETH & Elizabeth PRICE, on 6 Jun 1814 in Campbell County, Virginia (bond).
  8. Abraham Echols was a resident of Monongalia County, now West Virginia, in 1797 when he sold his inheritance to James Echols of Bedford County. He m. Sarah STROOP on 23 May 1791 in Ohio County, West Virginia (should be Ohio County, Virginia, which is is now Marshall County, West Virginia - marriage record has Ohio County, West Virginia)
  9. Rebecca Echols was in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1797 when she sold her inheritance to James Echols.
  10. Tabitha Echols m. Elijah LACY on 12 Jan 1802 in Halifax County, Virginia (bond). He is the S/O John LACY & Tabitha HODGES.
  11. David Echols (14 Jan 1776 - 17 Feb 1854) m. (1)Diana TRIBBLE (14 Jan 1784 - 12 May 1848) D/O James TRIBBLE & Nancy COLLINS, on 29 May 1802 in Halifax County, Virginia (bond). They were the parents of eleven children born 1803-1823. m. (2) Nancy DICKSON on 20 Dec 1850 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
  12. Moses Echols m. Elizabeth HICKS on 9 Feb 1807 in Campbell County, Virginia (bond).
  13. Judith Echols m. Benjamin GOSNELL on 24 Mar 1788 in Halifax County, Virginia (bond). She evidently died before the distribution of her father's estate. 
Will - Abraham ECHOLS
ECHOLS Abraham
LUNENBURG COUNTY Deed Book 1, Page 489
NAMES: Wife - Sarah Echols
Bequest to wife - chattels and plantation where he lives for her natural life.
Son - Eldest son Isaac Echols to get plantation at death of wife Sarah Echols,
Son - Youngest son Joshua Echols given land next to plantation given to wife.
Son - Joseph Echols land on Stinking Piver.
Daughter - Sarah Echols (one-half of) land on Staunton River against the Long Island.
Daughter - Rebekah Echols (one-half of) land on Staunton River against the Long Island.
Daughter - Elizabeth Echols my entry for land on Stinking River.
Brother - Joseph Echols land and mill on Childreys Creek.
Brother-in-law - Benjamin Hubbard, my wife's WILD brother my land on Bentleys Fork of Childrays Creek.
Brother-in-law - Mentions Edward Hubbard my wife's brother.
Executors: Wife Sarah Echols, Joseph Echols and Richard Echols.

Witnesses: Joseph Collins /s/ Abraham (X) Echols
George (X) Marshbank
Will dated 2 April 1749 Recorded 3 Oct. 1749
"Echols Notes, Vol.1", by Rebecca Echols Terry, 1977. p.63
Lunenberg County - Will Book 1, p.489

WILL OF ABRAHAM ECHOLS - Dated 2 Apr 1749; Prob: 3 Oct 1749
"Being very sick & weak in Body To Sarah Echols, my wife, all my Household Stuff, ready money --together with other movables during the Term of her Life. My Plantation & Houses & Tract of Land on which they stand, I lend to Sarah my sd wife also during her Life and Give & Bequeath the same to Isaac Echols my eldest son to him & his heirs forever.
The Land adj. the aforesaid Tract being held by me by Bond I give to Joshua Echols my youngest son & to his heirs.

My Land on Stinking River I give to Joseph Echols, my son.
My Land on Stanton River against the Long Island to my two daus Sarah Echols & Rebekah Echols.
My Land on Childrey's Creek to Joseph Echols, my brother.
Land on same creek at Bentley's Fork to Benjamin Hubbard, my wife's brother.
Land above that -- to Edward Hubbard, my wife's brother.
Execs: Joseph Echols, Richard Echols & Sarah Echols, my wife.
Wit: Joseph Collins, George Marchbanks.
Signed: Abraham (X) Echols.


  1. The death dates for Elizabeth King and Elizabeth Street are the same. I think Elizabeth King would have died before he married Elizabeth Street.

    1. Good catch. I have removed the death date for Elizabeth KING. The last child born to Elizabeth STREET was in 1789 so the death date for her would be correct. I believe the two wives had been confused with one another.



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