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Martha Rebecca ECHOLS (1729-????)

Old Abraham had one daughter who married James Hodges [James Calvin HODGES] a very worthy man, his family moved to Tennessee. He had one son named Jessee and he had a son named James [James Calvin HODGES] who was a commanding officer in Tennessee and got drowned in Cumberland River near Cairo [Cairo is a populated place located in Sumner County, Tennessee]. Jessee had one daughter named Tabitha, that is all I know of the family.
Martha Rebecca ECHOLS
Birth 1729 in Lunenburg County, Virginia, USA
Death ???? in Pendleton, Anderson, South Carolina, USA

James Calvin HODGES
Birth 1726 in Lunenburg County, Virginia, USA
Death 1787 in Newberry County, South Carolina, USA
  • James HODGES (1752-????)
  • Tabitha HODGES (1753-????) m. John LACY
  • Jesse HODGES (b. 11 Feb 1754 in Halifax County, Virginia - d. 1842 in McNairy County, Tennessee, USA ) m. Elizabeth COLLINS on 28 Oct 1775 in Virginia (Their child James Calvin HODGES is the one mentioned as drowning in the Cumberland River in Milner's History. He m. Hannah WILSON on 16 Sep 1800 in Sumner County, Tennessee, USA)
  • Sarah HODGES (1755-1????) m. William Watson GLASS Jr
  • Rebecca HODGES (1758-1830) m. Haily SHAW
  • Martha HODGES (1760 -????) m. Robert SHAW
  • Joseph HODGES (1762-????)
  • Christina HODGES (1764-????)
Birth 1724 in Essex County, Virginia, USA
Death ???? in Rappahannock, Essex, Virginia, USA
  • Joel TRIBBLE (1755-????)
  • Elizabeth Rebecca TRIBBLE (1757-????) m. Manoah DYER
  • Sarah TRIBBLE (1760-????) m. Elisha STEPHENS
  • John TRIBBLE (1764-1823) m. Martha MEDLEY
P.S. James Hodges daughter[s] [Tabitha] married John Lacy.[,] [Sarah married] Wm Glass [William Watson GLASS Jr] and [Rebecca married] Hally Shaw[.] Lacy had one son named Elijah and he and wife parted. [Elijah married Tabitha ECHOLS on 12 Jan 1802 in Halifax County, Virginia, USA. She is the d/o Joseph ECHOLS Sr & Elizabeth STREET]. Glass had 5 sons and 3 daughters. His sons were Hubbard, Mason, Frederick who married Betsy [Elizabeth] Strother and he was killed by the Indians in Alabama. The other three, David, Elish [Elisha] and Elijah. Mason married a Miss Wyatt and lives in Fayette County, Georgia the rest of his sons I know nothing. His daughters were named Tabitha, Patsy [Martha], and Sally.

Tabitha married Richard Wood and by him had three sons and one daughter. Her sons were Winston, William and Willis. Her son William represented three different counties in the state of Georgia and was Colo. of the same counties. He then moved to Randolph County, Alabama and represented that county and is Colo. and judge of the court. Willis, her third son married a Miss Cochran [Elizabeth COCHRAN] and died young. Richard Wood's daughter was named Elizabeth and married Samuel D. Echols [Samuel Dorrell ECHOLS]. Hally [Haley G] Shaw raised a large family in Jackson County, Georgia. I know nothing of his family only E. B. Shaw, his grandson, who lives in Gwinett County [Gwinnett County, Georgia], and is a very eminent Baptist preacher.
Most researchers use 1784 as DOD for Rebecca, that can't be. If she is indeed the one that married James HODGES & John TRIBBLE then her death would have to have been after James in 1787. His will was written 19 May 1787 and list his wife "Martha", she is not listed as deceased.
Martha Rebecca ECHOLS cannot possibly be the mother of the TRIBBLE children I have listed above. I'm still researching to find a first marriage for John. Martha was having children with James HODGES during the times of the births of the TRIBBLE kids.
More research is needed to reconcile all the dates for the individuals. Following the TRIBBLE genealogy leads in one direction, following the ECHOLS genealogy leads in another and following the HODGES leads in yet another. I'm still researching. I believe my changes in Milner's history in the P.S. part is correct and it can just be chalked up to grammar issues either in the original or in the many Internet versions floating around.

Would be interested in corresponding with anyone who can shed further light on the tangled relationships between the TRIBBLE,
HODGES and ECHOLS families.
Rebekah Echols m. James Hodges & John Tribble.

(Bk 5, p.82) 20 May 1764 John Tribble & wf Rebecca to Joseph Echols, Jr. for £4 - 190½ A., part of 381 A. granted to Abraham Eckhols, dec’d, 20 Aug 1760 & left by legacy, the whole to be divided as they should agree, to his two daughters, Sarah, the wf of John Rowden, and Rebecca, the above said John Tribble’s wife, which is peacibly agreed on that Rebecca & John have the South end.
The name Martha comes from a Will abstract of James Hodges. His wife is listed as Martha. We know her name is listed as Rebekah in the Will of her father Abraham. 

Page #2
James Hodges, decd. Will 5-19-1787; proved 6-5-1787.
Wife: Martha
Children: Joseph, Christina, Jessee, and Rebecca shaw and Patty Shaw.
Other legatees: Sarah Glass and Toby Glass.
Witnesses: Reuben Golding, George Elliott, Haley Shaw, and Joseph Hodges.

Source: Newberry County, South Carolina: Historical & Genealogical Annals.
By: George Leland Summer


  1. Thank you very much for your excellent blog and wonderful information. I found your blog while searching for Jesse and Elizabeth Collins Hodges and their son James C. Hodges. By reading your blog, I have discovered that I am an Echols descendant. Thank you for sharing your family information. Kathy Haney Williams

    1. Excellent. Glad my work could help you out.

    2. Not sure if you are aware but all of my work is also on RootsWeb. If you do a search for COLLINS, Elizabeth you'll see what I have listed for them so far.

      If you can help fill in any mission information that would be greatly appreciated.


    3. Wow !!:great information thank you !: my name is Willie Ray Hodges the Son of Luther Carl Hodges 1906-1949 My Grand Father was Hugh Terrell Hodges 1872-1918
      and my Ancestors go back to James Hodges the Son of James Calvin Hodges 1726-1787.
      I just started my research and I need information further back from James as I have ran into a wall. My cell text # is 334-317-8353 email is
      Respectfully, Ray


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