Thursday, December 26, 2013

John ECHOLS (1684-1750)

John was his first son who left Virginia a young man and settled in the lower part of N. Carolina and raised his family, of whom I know nothing.
Birth 1684 in King and Queen County, Virginia
Death 20 Dec 1750 in Beaufort County, North Carolina

Rebecca BOOKER
Birth 1671 in Amelia County, Virginia
Death ????

John married Rebecca BOOKER in Amelia County, Virginia and had the following children:

  • Ann ECHOLS (????-1740)
  • Eleanor ECHOLS (????-????)
  • Mary ECHOLS (????-????)
  • Samuel ECHOLS (1723-????)
  • Caleb ECHOLS (1725-1830)
  • Joses ECHOLS (1730-1797)
  • Temperance ECHOLS (1734-????)
  • John ECHOLS (1736-????)
  • James ECHOLS (1738-????) m. Martha Unknown


  1. Is this the same John Echols who sold his land in Amelia Co., VA in 1749 but was taxed on land in Beaufort Co., NC as early as 1742? Is there a copy of his 1750 Will available?

  2. This was posted on my blog in 2013. I have tried to contact Steve but all messages are ignored. He has also posted this to's Echols Message Board but even there he never replies to anyone . He says to contact him but gives no contact details.

    I have apparently deleted the original message so here it is again.

    Author: Steve Equils
    Date: December 19, 2013 at 2:01 AM
    From the very beginning of your post: "John was his first son who left Virginia a young man and settled in the lower part of N. Carolina and raised his family, of whom I know nothing." If this is the same John that died in Beaufort County, North Carolina - then I have a ton of information for you. The name changed spellings as of the 1790 Census to "Equils."

  3. My Dad (also Steve Equils, but b. 1955 - d. 2010) went through much of the old courthouse records in Washington, Hyde, and Beaufort Co. and compiled several books. He grew up there and had a wealth of oral history. I've been away from the genealogy for a while, but I will dig into it again this winter. To answer *boxmommy* - I don't have anything to verify that. I hope that it is the same man, but I don't have any actual documentation to validate it. What I do have, however is a fairly decent family tree (with a 30 year gap in the early 1800s) from 1790 onward.

    Terry - I sent you an email.

  4. Can you give me any information about Ann Wadell Echols 1698-1749 married George Marchbanks 1695-1740 in 1722 Amelia, New Kent, Colony of Virginia?

  5. Do you have any information about the daughter of John Echols, 1650-1712 and Mary Cave, 1661-1712/52. She is Ann Wadell Echols, 1698-1749 married to George Marchbanks, 1695-1740?
    Marriage was 1722 in Amelia, New Kent, Colony of Virginia. Is there another site with info about them?
    Thank you,

  6. I do not have a RSS Reader on my computer and can not log in to this posting. My husband's grandmother was a Marchbanks and is tied into the Echols line. Can someone send me any information they may have about Ann Wadell Echols 1698-1749 through my email?

  7. Why is there "Reply Delete" following my question? Are my questions not acceptable?

    1. You can reply to or delete your own posts but not anyone else's. I'm the only one that can delete anyone's.

      I have been away for genealogy for a while and will look at your other questions soon and get back to you.


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